I am now at 400 games! (and some bad news!)

May 3, 2015

Sly_2_-_Band_of_Thieves Sly 3 honor Sly 1 dynasty tactics

So I have finally done it, 400 games! (well 401 actually) I managed to pick up all of the Sly games on the Sly so to speak together in the same package with Dynasty Tactics for £10 at my local gaming store. The Sly game are supposed to be “Stealth Platformers” but I have never gotten the chance to play them until now. Dynasty Tactics was the “Gimme” here as I was not super interested to pick it up but apparently it is different enough from it’s squeal to merit a purchase.

On some unfortunate news now, I lost my list of PS2 games which means I am going to have to rewrite the whole thing down again. This is going to take a long time so don’t expect it to be here anytime soon. That said I do still have all the covers for my games so I guess that is something although that does not help me much when it comes down to pulling out my phone on a potential purchase to see if I already have the game or not.

Anyway I am chuffed with reaching the 400 mark, it’s a nice round number. Now that the new releases from the modern consoles have kind of dried up again I will have more time to dedicate to this console again and hopefully this blog but no promises.


I am almost at 400 games!

March 13, 2015

Looks like I have almost hit 400 games for my collection. I was out today doing some mother’s day shopping and I found these in CEX in Poole, I guess that means I now own all the Dynasty Warriors 4 games for the Playstation 2. This is a good thing because Dynasty Warriors 4 while probably not being the best in the series it holds the most significance in my heart because it was the first Dynasty Warriors game I truly got invested in to. I have also rounded out my Prince of Persia trilogy collection as well by obtaining the final game I needed to complete the series.


January 23, 2015

Picked up a bunch more PS2 games today thanks to a local gaming store for £20. Mostly curiosity purchases although a PS2 collection without any SOCOM games in it is not really much of a collection as these games where huge back in the day, mostly for their online play which is no longer available but they are still worthy purchases for the single player stuff.

Mercs 2 and FIFA 13 I brought because these where “NEXT GEN” games at the time and these where the hand me downs that PS2 owners got. FIFA 13 being a fairly rare game although not the last FIFA game (that honor goes to FIFA 14!) but EA did a thing where they did not update the game so much towards the end of a console life cycle but just changed the rosters around a bit and this the case with FIFA 13 to FIFA 14. This is why they put “LEGACY EDITION” on the covers on some releases of their sports games now for “less viable platforms”.

Other sports games I am very curious about, for example NASCAR 06 and the PES Manager game look like really neat games and I can not wait to try them out. I did also have Indycar 2005 on order too from Ebay but the seller cancelled out almost a week after me ordering, not too happy about that but at least I got my money back I suppose.

The other games I have some interest in but not enough to go in to depth on to why I picked them up. At least I almost have all of the Prince of Persia trilogy now heh.

For my Birthday I went shopping…

January 19, 2015

So today was my birthday and I am now 32 years old and yes I am still collecting PS2 games weirdly enough. This is the haul I picked up today from Cash Converters and a small Indie Shop I know in Weymouth. Eagle Eyed reader might spot that I do in fact have a “replacement” in this list that’s because my original Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain was pretty beat up to the point where my poor PS2 was having trouble reading it. It was a second hand copy which I picked up from a bin somewhere years ago so I knew it was not going to be in the best of shape when I got it.

Anyway I shall start with the driving games as these are some of the more interesting games I managed to pick up. Le Mans 24hrs is well, Le Mans! You can race in it for 24 hours if you so wish and it looks like it’s a pretty decent game all things considering. Next up is the budget racer Road Trip published by “Play It”. This is a very interesting game as it is a very customisable racer with a ton of tracks and bonus games inside. It’s very arcadey and does not take itself too seriously I mean you can race around someone’s old Japanese castle and play car football in this game. I hope to do a video of this game at some point. Next we have the truly bizarre X-reme Express which appears to be a train racing game!? Yeah this looked so odd that I had to go and check it out and no I have no idea how this game plays I just saw it at the shop and thought to myself that I had to have it.

Ok now the final racing game I picked up today happens to be one of my favourite racing games of all time, ToCA Race Driver 3 by Codemasters. This game was great because unlike Gran Turismo which seems to get all the love when it comes to PS2 sim racers, TocA 3 actually had many racing disciplines and plenty of cars on the track, 21 at once to be exact. Obviously their experience making the Indy Racing games really helped them push the PS2 to it’s limit in terms of amount of cars on track. ToCA was great because one minute you could be racing a GT racing car then the next a Dune Buggy or even a Monster Truck. There was so much meaningful content in this game that it kept me hooked for a very long time back on the PC.

GunCom2 is a light gun shooting game which borrowed it’s name from NAMCO’s PS2 lightgun of the same name. Heroes of the Pacific is another Codemasters game which is a World War 2 flight sim game. Not entirely sure about how good the  game is because in all honesty I have never herd of it till I saw it in the shop so I knew I had to have it. Then there is Seek and Destroy which I think Takara made. I think they also made Road Trip and Penny Racers too but these budget publishers seem to try and do everything they can to hide the actual game devs on the box for some reason. Anyway it’s a similar sort of deal to Road Trip, heavily customisable tanks duking it out over several missions and the game does not take itself too seriously hence the reason why you can put ski’s on your tank during one point in the game. I tried this game over my freind’s house once and liked it a lot so I have been waiting for this game to show up for awhile now, I am glad I found it!

Now on too the fighting games on this post. Rumble Roses is Smackdown with Women and a lot of “Sex Appeal” thrown in. It’s very smutty was quite popular in Japan hence a lot of budget publishers like D3 publishers tried to rip it off in there games too. The game itself is fun too play but taking it too the counter is like taking a copy of “NUTS” to a counter, you are going to get a look from the till assistant at the shop heh. Finally we have Marc Ecko’s Getting Up, a Jet Set Radio inspired romp where you play as a tagger battling other taggers for the best spots in the city this might even include getting in to actual fights with makeshift weapons. Kinda stupid when you think about it but I did not have this game and it was a better choice than the parade of old sports games that where in Cash Converters at the time.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this write up I will see you guys soon! 🙂

Maximum Impact!

January 10, 2015


To start off 2015 I decided to buy two hard to find but ultimately forgettable fighting games made by SNK. Yeah so I brought both the KOF Maximum Impact games which for whatever reason seem to command a fairly decent price on places like Ebay and Amazon. The games themselves are not that bad but they are far from SNK’s best 2D efforts. The games feel more like if the makers of Bloody Roar decided to make a KOF fighting game. Anyway I will most likely be doing more video in the future mostly thanks to OBS, a free piece of software that makes recording old software while commenting on it with no lag a breeze.


3 New PS2 games!

October 3, 2014


Yeah picked up three games from ebay, I got pretty good deals on them too considering. I wanted Tekken 5 because it had the arcade versions of Tekken 1,2 and 3.

The Dark games I brought in a bundle for £30 which is not bad when you consider what some people try to charge for these games normally. Dark Cloud is a Action Rougelike (you know?, before everyone started jumping on that bandwaggon!) the town building elements, much like the classic SNES game Actraiser. I have always wanted to try these out so now I can.

In other completely un-PS2-related news I now also own Vandal Hearts 1 & 2 as well. Again got them in a bundle for £48 which is a good deal when you consider Vandal Hearts typicaly sales for £20 to £30 by itself and it’s vastly inferior squeal sales for £30 to £40. It was certainly the cheapest I have seen PAL copies of these games going for awhile at least. Funny thing is I used to own both of these games, I gave the orignal game to a friend who still has it to this day while I was so disappointed with the second game I sold it back to my local video game store which is something I rarely did back in that era.

Five games, Ten Pounds

August 30, 2014

Yeah I just picked up these five games today from a local retro gaming store. I finally have the entire Silent Scope series and picked up Tekken 4 as well. Way of the Samurai 2 is a game I have always been interested in playing but never got around to. I own it now so I guess I am one step closer to completing that particular goal at least.