This blog is dedicated to chronicling every Sony Playstation 2 game that I own, or as many I can anyway. This is a personal blog, an adventure through all of my old PS2 games. I live in England so every game I cover will be games that are in PAL format. I used to import PS2 games but my import PS2 broke and I needed the money so I sold off my import PS2 games, sorry!

In this blog there  will be reviews, videos pictures and information about each of the games that I own most of which (and by that I mean everything but the box cover shots due to not having a scanner) will be stuff created by me. I won’t be judging a game by a number or a grade, I will simply point out everything that I like and dislike about the game.

I hope you will take the time to read this blog and more importantly enjoy reading about my awesome collection of PS2 games!

~ Danny


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  1. Bosstiger says:

    really nice blog man 😀

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