It’s a GOOD FRIDAY! *Ugh* sorry for that awful pun. Anyway on with the games…

Got all of these for £10 today in my local retro shop. Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is really good although the PS2 version does suffer from slight slowdown when compared to the great Xbox version of the game. (Which I also own) Super Monkey Ball Adventure is widely considered to be the very worst in the series of games which is kind of odd since this game is essentially Marble Madness but with monkeys inside of plastic balls. I will probably do a video on Super Monkey Ball Deluxe at some point.

The other two games are also worth mentioning. Pinball Hall of Fame contains a bunch of retro Gottlieb Pinball machines, much like a video game retro collection. Who are Gottlieb? They where an early pioneer in Pinball machine manufacturing and design of course. That said they where surpassed by Willams and Stern eventually and the tables here are not as interesting as the more modern tables you would find in the Willams collection which unfortunately did not make over here in Europe for the PS2.

Hunter the Reckoning Watward is the second game in the series where you wonder around in a near top down view blasting the crap out of demonic beings. It reminds me a lot of the later Gauntlet games that Midway put out. Anyway there are RPG elements where you can level up your characters and improve their attributes. The game can also be played with friends too, up to three of them in fact which is always a nice thing to see. All in all not a bad haul today.


One Response to It’s a GOOD FRIDAY

  1. Mikl says:

    How do you get to Bowling in Super Monkey Ball Adventure for PS2? I know it’s there, I owned it years ago, but now have bought it again and can’t find the Bowling or Billiards party games.

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