Picked up a bunch more PS2 games today thanks to a local gaming store for £20. Mostly curiosity purchases although a PS2 collection without any SOCOM games in it is not really much of a collection as these games where huge back in the day, mostly for their online play which is no longer available but they are still worthy purchases for the single player stuff.

Mercs 2 and FIFA 13 I brought because these where “NEXT GEN” games at the time and these where the hand me downs that PS2 owners got. FIFA 13 being a fairly rare game although not the last FIFA game (that honor goes to FIFA 14!) but EA did a thing where they did not update the game so much towards the end of a console life cycle but just changed the rosters around a bit and this the case with FIFA 13 to FIFA 14. This is why they put “LEGACY EDITION” on the covers on some releases of their sports games now for “less viable platforms”.

Other sports games I am very curious about, for example NASCAR 06 and the PES Manager game look like really neat games and I can not wait to try them out. I did also have Indycar 2005 on order too from Ebay but the seller cancelled out almost a week after me ordering, not too happy about that but at least I got my money back I suppose.

The other games I have some interest in but not enough to go in to depth on to why I picked them up. At least I almost have all of the Prince of Persia trilogy now heh.


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