I am now at 400 games! (and some bad news!)

Sly_2_-_Band_of_Thieves Sly 3 honor Sly 1 dynasty tactics

So I have finally done it, 400 games! (well 401 actually) I managed to pick up all of the Sly games on the Sly so to speak together in the same package with Dynasty Tactics for £10 at my local gaming store. The Sly game are supposed to be “Stealth Platformers” but I have never gotten the chance to play them until now. Dynasty Tactics was the “Gimme” here as I was not super interested to pick it up but apparently it is different enough from it’s squeal to merit a purchase.

On some unfortunate news now, I lost my list of PS2 games which means I am going to have to rewrite the whole thing down again. This is going to take a long time so don’t expect it to be here anytime soon. That said I do still have all the covers for my games so I guess that is something although that does not help me much when it comes down to pulling out my phone on a potential purchase to see if I already have the game or not.

Anyway I am chuffed with reaching the 400 mark, it’s a nice round number. Now that the new releases from the modern consoles have kind of dried up again I will have more time to dedicate to this console again and hopefully this blog but no promises.


One Response to I am now at 400 games! (and some bad news!)

  1. peowwrich says:

    400 games is amazing. I wonder how many PAL games there are? I bought THPS3,4 and R-Type Final. So my collection is up to about five now.

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