3 New PS2 games!


Yeah picked up three games from ebay, I got pretty good deals on them too considering. I wanted Tekken 5 because it had the arcade versions of Tekken 1,2 and 3.

The Dark games I brought in a bundle for £30 which is not bad when you consider what some people try to charge for these games normally. Dark Cloud is a Action Rougelike (you know?, before everyone started jumping on that bandwaggon!) the town building elements, much like the classic SNES game Actraiser. I have always wanted to try these out so now I can.

In other completely un-PS2-related news I now also own Vandal Hearts 1 & 2 as well. Again got them in a bundle for £48 which is a good deal when you consider Vandal Hearts typicaly sales for £20 to £30 by itself and it’s vastly inferior squeal sales for £30 to £40. It was certainly the cheapest I have seen PAL copies of these games going for awhile at least. Funny thing is I used to own both of these games, I gave the orignal game to a friend who still has it to this day while I was so disappointed with the second game I sold it back to my local video game store which is something I rarely did back in that era.


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