3 New PS2 games!

October 3, 2014


Yeah picked up three games from ebay, I got pretty good deals on them too considering. I wanted Tekken 5 because it had the arcade versions of Tekken 1,2 and 3.

The Dark games I brought in a bundle for £30 which is not bad when you consider what some people try to charge for these games normally. Dark Cloud is a Action Rougelike (you know?, before everyone started jumping on that bandwaggon!) the town building elements, much like the classic SNES game Actraiser. I have always wanted to try these out so now I can.

In other completely un-PS2-related news I now also own Vandal Hearts 1 & 2 as well. Again got them in a bundle for £48 which is a good deal when you consider Vandal Hearts typicaly sales for £20 to £30 by itself and it’s vastly inferior squeal sales for £30 to £40. It was certainly the cheapest I have seen PAL copies of these games going for awhile at least. Funny thing is I used to own both of these games, I gave the orignal game to a friend who still has it to this day while I was so disappointed with the second game I sold it back to my local video game store which is something I rarely did back in that era.


New game brought, new Let’s Play!

February 6, 2013

So yeah I recently picked up the classic game. Like I have mentioned in previous posts I am only buy games that really interest me now as I have quite a collection as it is. That said I decided to start a LP of this new game, Wizardry Tales of the Forsaken Land. Extremely good game from what I have played so far much better than that P.O.S. Wizardry Online that’s for sure. Anyway I hope you enjoy the videos, I will update this site soon if I post any more but as of now there are three parts.

And the 300th game is…

April 27, 2012

OK I did pick up a PS2 game today in my local crackconverters. It was a game have I have not really seen out in the wild and looked interesting despite it being a budget game published my Midas Entertainment. That game is “The Seed – War Zone”.

The Seed is a real time tactical strategy game based around space combat. As you progress through the game you earn better gear and crew and more money so you can research better stuff. You can also design your own ships using the game’s modular ship building system which is awesome.

Anyway I am really looking forward to giving this game a proper go sometime this weekend so stay tuned!

What have I have been playing lately?

August 15, 2010

Well since Exeter I have been playing a lot of Quake 3 and Twisted Metal Black on the PS2. Quake 3 is still surprisingly playable even on the PS2 which was a major concern for me as I hope to play both it and Unreal Tournament and compare the two together.

Twisted Metal Black on the other hand by today’s standards is a tad rubbish it has to be said. For a start the version I have is heavily cut thanks to it being the EU version of the game so I don’t get any backstory and the enviroments are not as interactive which really does bring down a game which actually does get quite old very quickly.

Unlike the games before it TWB is only arena battles. What made the other games before it great was that it was a racing game to so TMB has less variety which is a shame because the track design, especially in Twisted Metal 2 was fantastic. I will solider on though, I wish to review this game but this is probably on of the first games in a while that I have brought from GAME’s 4 for £10 deal and have been truly disappointed with which I find odd since it’s very rare I am this disappointed with a video game let alone a game I brought for £2.50.