More stuff added!


For those who have been paying attention (which is nobody because seriously who vists this blog!?) I have been updating the data base a bit but not the front page which I am sorry for. This will change now as I intend to get back to playing PS2 stuff again. I can also record stuff using my capture device again after I found a way of getting the sound to record again which is good news for me because it means I don’t have to spend more money buying a new capture device.

Most of these I got from a place called Games Planet which seem to be able to get decent games in for fairly cheap. For example I can get both Final Fantasy X and X-2 for £5 each which is a steal compared to Ebay. Speaking of which I did order DDS2 from Ebay (was not expensive, like a tenner NEW!) as well as P.T.O.IV which I am looking forward to playing since it’s made by KOEI, you know the Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms guys.

The Ace Combat game and Crash ‘n’ Burn where brought in a three for ten pounds deal with D&D Demon Stone which I have always herd good things about but never gotten around to playing so I intend to fix that soon.

Functionality wise on this blog I added a text only version of the “my collection” page as loading 300+ pics on my phone was just not feasible. I can now check my collection without it taking an hour to load everything up which is great heh. Anyway stay tuned for more content coming your way soon.


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