Three new games obtained!

Vampire_Night Sonic-Mega-Collection-Plus-PS2 killswitch So I went in to a Cash Generator today, first time in awhile and to my total shock they actually had some decent games in there that where not old sports games. The best bit was the fact that I paid £5 for 3 almost “new” looking games which is odd because I have brought stuff from these guys in the past and the games have not been in the best of conditions.

Vampire Night is a Namco G-Con2 shooter and a good one at that. As you can most likely tell it’s based around fighting the creatures of the night. This was released when Namco was on a tear with light gun games and putting out great stuff.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus I picked up because it has a bunch of the old Master System and Game Gear Sonics on there, well it was either this or Dance Dance Euro Fever Mix heh.

Finally with have Kill Switch which looks generic as fuck but was made by Namco and introduced a whole bunch of new mechanics modern games take for granted these days like the cover system and blind fire for example. I have yet to try this game out but it’s the one that intrigues me the most as I played Vampire Hunter a lot in the arcades and I have already beaten most of the sonic games on the collection I picked up.

Anyway sorry about the long wait for an update, I guess I will try and update this thing more regularly.


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