Nightmare of Duraga



Got this cool Rougelike from Chun Soft the makers of the Mystery Dungeon series today. For those who don’t know a “Rougelike” is a simultaneous turn based strategy RPG where a lone adventure tries to defeat hordes of enemies and collect some kind of magical mcguffin without dying. If the player does die then their save is wiped and they must play the game over again.

This one was never released here in the UK, further more this is considered to be one of Chun Soft’s better Mystery Dungeon games and as a fan of the series I had to own it in my collection. There is a decent story, full 3D graphics (the fact that this game has graphics at all is fairly good going for games of this type) and a decent challenge with plenty of quests to complete.

The odd thing about this game is that this particular Mystery Dungeon game is based off an old arcade game called Tower of Duraga which was a almost pacman like RPG where the player would wonder around collecting keys and running in to enemies from behind to stab them in the back. I played the game a few months back on my Nintendo Wii and did not have that game down as a “Rougelike” type of though I should of known as that game was also hard as balls too.

I look forward to spending more time with this game.


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