Import Nights! (This is where things get crazy!)

I’ve not mentioned this in the past but there where two things I used to be in to when I was a younger man, wrestling and importing PS2 games. My biggest regret in terms of game collecting was that I sold my import PS2 collection when my modded PS2 died several years ago. I have decided to rebuy some of those games, the good news is that importing PS2 stuff has never been easier or cheaper. I have paid a fraction of the prices of what I used to pay for these games now that (well at least over here in the west!) buying old Japanese wrestling games is no longer in vogue like it was back in the Dreamcast and PS2 days.

Of course most people will tell you that Fire Pro Wrestling is the cream of the crop in terms of wrestling games and they would be right for the most part. FPW Returns is probably the best game Human have ever put out, I know this because I used to own most of their games before I foolishly sold them while getting rid of old systems or misplaced them. Replacing Fire Pro was not hard, I paid £7 including postage. I think the person selling it to me was just glad they got rid of another useless DVD they had lying around the house or something.

With that said not many people know about Fire Pro’s 3D cousin which is just as good, if not better in some respects. Kings of Colosseum 2 is the best 3D games that the makers of Fire Pro ever put out and is one of my all time fave games on the PS2. Me and my brother would enjoy playing this game all the time when we where younger. This game was a little on the expensive side (£20) but it’s totally worth it as it’s a classic wrestling game in my eyes with a lot more depth than you western centric wrestling game would normally have.

Anyway this is not the end of my Ebay buying shenanigans, I have one more game to come in the post and it should arrive here within a week or so.


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