PS2 by Degrees ~ 8 PS2 games for £8.50

So yeah after doing some part time office experience I decided to look around town for a bit and I managed to pick up a whole bunch of decent PS2 games, well when I say “decent” I don’t think anyone has ever looked at Twin Calibur and thought to themselves “man I have scored big today!”. (Twin Calibur being an average action game at best)

First of all I picked up both Star Trek games for 50p, yes that’s right both games together for less than a pound! I managed this because GAME where selling them for £3 together thanks to the buy one get one free offer they where having at the moment. Anyway I just so happened to have a £2.50 off voucher so I ended up picking both up for a song. Elite Force is a FPS that runs on the Quake 3 engine (Quake 3 being another game I own on the PS2 and PC) and is a pretty good shooter. It suffers a little when you compare it to it’s PC counterpart but all in all it’s a pretty decent port of a pretty decent shooter. Encounters is a Star Trek game where you take control of various ships throughout the long history of Star Trek and blow up other ships and what not. It was made for the Xbox 360 really but the PS2 version is not to bad from what I have played of it so far.

Ninja Assault is a Namco light gun game themed around ninja’s. It works with a standard G-Con but due to me having a fancy TV and all it won’t work with my TV any more. I picked this game up in a 5 for £5 deal at Gamestation. This was the last game I put in my pile as I did not want to purchase a sports game as one of my last games. As a gun game though it’s pretty good and is still playable on a controller but not as fun.

Next up is Bomberman Hardball which is a bunch of sports related games that also comes with your standard Bomberman deathmatch action. Baseball. Golf and Tennis. Not as good as the “Everybody’s” series of those games but they are still pretty fun, especially since I brought the game for a pound essentially. The main attraction for me though was the main Bomberman Vs. mode which is still great after all of these years. To unlock new costumes you have to play the sports games which is a novel idea, better than paying more money VIA DLC which is where the series has headed on the main consoles these days.

Next up is Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers which was a game based of the movie which came out before the movie was even out. I remember playing this around my friends house a very long time ago and remembered he enjoyed it a lot. It’s your typical hack and slash, very much like your average Dynasty Warriors games but with more of a budget. You can level up you character and give them new abilities and spells and such. It’s a fairly enjoyable romp if slight generic but at least your not fighting the “Yellow Turban Army” again!

The final two games are based around Femme Fatales, Stolen and Death by Degrees. Stolen is a fairly low budget stealth action game where you travel around the world steeling things using fancy gadgets from what I can tell by playing it for about 15 minutes and looking on the back of the box. Don’t get me wrong this game does seem like it will be fun but lately I have not have the time to play games in depth properly but from what I have played I don’t think I have wasted a pound.

Death by Degrees is a spin of Tekken game staring Nina Williams, the engine in this game would be used to make the “adventure modes” for Tekken 5 and 6. This game seems like it’s going to be the most fun out of all the games I picked up today. I did always like those “adventure mode” games that Namco put in to the Tekken series and this one seems to be filled with the typical Namco action game cheeseyness that I have grown to love over the years. This will be the next game I play on my PS2 and I will review it for this blog, I may even do a video review if I have the time.

This might be my last post for a while so if I don’t post again before the holidays, have a great holiday and I will hopefully see you here again in the new year!


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