Cash Converter 4 for £5 deal! (also new games get!)

I love Cash Generator. OK I know I am not going to get the best quality of games in there but when they sale 4 games for £5 I can be to picky can I? Well luckly for me I managed to pick up 4 decent games, shocking I know!

My opinions of said games after the break…

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland was supposed to be Operation Winback I have mentioned on this blog before because I own the squeal and reviewed it on this very blog. The stupid wench at the counter accidentally put in the wrong game in the case. Luckily for her I am not that picky as I don’t already own this game. I know this is not the best version of Tony Hawks to have but I don’t own a skating game on the PS2 yet. So pro-tip people CHECK BOTH SIDES OF THE DISC because I only checked the bottom for scratches.


Crash Tag Team Racing seems like a well made Mario Kart Double Dash clone where there are two racers in one kart and they can switch positions from driving to shooting at a click of a button. It seemed pretty fun from the ten minutes I spent with the game today while testing it out to make sure it works properly.


Shadow of Rome is made by the same director that brought us Dead Rising and is made by Capcom. I picked it up because it was mentioned to be a whacky but kinda awesome PS2 on 1UP’s Retronaughts Live podcast (epidsode 25) so I decided to give it a punt. It’s part brawler and part stealth game made to try and attract western gamers apparently. I can not wait to start on this one.

err... FATALITY!

Finally we have Naval Ops: Warship Gunner which is a KOEI joint, the same guys who made the Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms games so you know this game is going to be as nerdy as fuck hence why I picked it up. You take control of a battleship which can be customised with other weapons and such and you take part in various missions. It even has some whacky game modes like survival mode which is odd for a game of this type. Enjoyed what I played of it so far, again can not wait to play more after the festive session.



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