GAME are selling PS2 stuff again… yey! :D

So yeah my local GAME are selling PS2 games again now that they have found the retail space nessacary to sell them again. This is good for me because GAME tend to low ball the price of their games compaired to EBAY. I have only picked up three games from them today but I will probably pick up more some time soon!

The two WWII games I picked up because I have been playing a lot of flight and tank games on the PC lately. These won’t be as good as those I know because these are budget titles released by the publisher Midas Interactive. But these games are pretty hard to get a hold of cheaply so picking these up for £3 each is not bad.

Time Crisis 3 will not work on my telly as I now have a fancy HD television. With that said it’s still one of my favourate games on the PS2. Not sure why I got rid of it, might of been because my GCon stopped working one day which was a big shame. Anyway I got this for free when I brought the other two games which is a good deal. I will try to pick up Time Crisis 2 and my personal favourate, Crisis Zone when I get the chance.


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