Back to buying PS2 games again!

It’s been awhile now hasn’t it? Well after picking up a PSP and buying a whole bunch of Xbox 360 games I have now gotten around to hunting down PS2 games again. I had to venture out to another town to do this as most of the places I frequent have dried up but this new town did not disappoint.

Today I picked up some pretty decent games for the most part and for a good price as well. Monster Hunter and Silent Hill 3 I have been meaning to get for awhile. I picked up both of those games and the truly awful Space Invaders – The Invasion (fucking really guys?) all for £10 which is nice.

I also picked up four games for £4 as well. Destory All Humans 1 and 2 and the average action games Seven Samurai and Sword of Destiny which I will look in to more for reviewal purposes at some other time.

Anyway yeah I will be updating this blog more now for the time being so stay tuned


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