What have I have been playing lately?

Well since Exeter I have been playing a lot of Quake 3 and Twisted Metal Black on the PS2. Quake 3 is still surprisingly playable even on the PS2 which was a major concern for me as I hope to play both it and Unreal Tournament and compare the two together.

Twisted Metal Black on the other hand by today’s standards is a tad rubbish it has to be said. For a start the version I have is heavily cut thanks to it being the EU version of the game so I don’t get any backstory and the enviroments are not as interactive which really does bring down a game which actually does get quite old very quickly.

Unlike the games before it TWB is only arena battles. What made the other games before it great was that it was a racing game to so TMB has less variety which is a shame because the track design, especially in Twisted Metal 2 was fantastic. I will solider on though, I wish to review this game but this is probably on of the first games in a while that I have brought from GAME’s 4 for £10 deal and have been truly disappointed with which I find odd since it’s very rare I am this disappointed with a video game let alone a game I brought for £2.50.


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