Had an exellecnt time in Exeter!…

I just come back from an awesome weekend away in Exeter and had a very good time. Many a video game was played and we even went go-karting. But one of the highlights was that me and a friend managed to raid a Exeter GAME shop for it’s choicest pre-owned PS2 games which was awesome. The selection was much better than what I was used to and managed to pick up some fantastic games which you can see above.

It was hard to choose which four games I wanted as there where plenty of decent games down there. Soul Calibur 2 I picked up because it’s one of the best fighting games on the PS2 without a shadow of a doubt. Twisted Metal Black and fetch up to a tenner on Ebay so I am glad I found it in the four for ten pounds deal as it’s a pretty awesome weapon based car battle game.

I also picked up Unreal Tournament even though I own the PC version. The main reason is to compare it to it’s competition at the time on the PS2 and PC Quake 3 Arena. I have both on the PS2 and PC so it should be interesting to see what the differences are. Also I would like to mention that UT is one of my all time favourite games as well. Onimusha Warlords (which was the first game in the series in case you are wondering) I picked up because I owned the squeal and a spin off and I wanted to see where is all came from and how this particular story started so to speak. It seems to be a pretty awesome game so I can’t wait to check it out more.

Anyway I am now off to go play some more PS2 games, I catch you guys later, bye!


3 Responses to Had an exellecnt time in Exeter!…

  1. Wasn’t keen on TM:Black. It felt wrong. TM:World Tour was the last good one. It was also the best split-screen multiplayer game EVER!

  2. Lurk says:

    Why didn’t you tell me you were in exeter I could have popped over to meet up with you on the Saturday.

  3. theps2vault says:

    Yeah after playing some TM:B I kinda agree with you there Rich. Also the game was heavily cut in the EU so most of the nice touches that made the game kinda dark where removed thanks to Australia heh.

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