Operation Winback 2 by Cavia


Game Name: Operation Winback 2: Project Poseidon

Game Developer: Cavia inc.

PAL Release: 09/06/06

Game Type: Third Person Shooter

Game Description: Winback 2 is a action game where you are in control of a team of two counter terrorist officers how must thwart the plains of an evil terrorist organisation by any means necessary but mainly by splitting up and taking two different routes and shooting any terrorist they come across.





Operation Winback 2 is a sequal to a game which was originaly a big hit on the Nintendo 64. This title however was made for the PS2 and Xbox and was also made by a different development team from the original game. This game is interesting in a weird sort of way. It’s a third person action game but it plays more like a cross between Resedent Evil 4 and the Time Crisis 2.

The controls while serviceable are a little twitchy and control like you think they would being a third person shooter and all. There is a cover system but it’s quite clunky and there is no blind fire so you do have to expose yourself if you plan on shooting the enemy so timing is crucial. Speaking of shooting people, there are plenty of guns. gadgets and grenades to help you deal with the terrorist threat but to get a good score you have to subdue the enemy and not kill them by hitting them in the limbs as suppose to the head which is what I normally do in these types of games.

During the 30 or so missions that you play throughout the single player campaign you will always control two counter terrorist officers at any one time each having their own routes which overlap with each other which allows them to give each other support in various ways. In some of the later levels this can get a little annoying as the levels do get longer and harder and retreading the same level twice to some people might seem just a little bit repetitive and cheap on the developers part but overall I think this is an interesting little gimmick that sets it apart from most standard shooters on the PS2.

The whole point on Winback 2 is to beat the missions and try to get the best score possible, yeah it’s one of “those” games. The game does have a storyline but it’s to generic for anyone to really care about so getting the high score is the only thing that will keep the player coming back for more. The multiplayer however will not interest anyone in the slightest. Yeah you can play this game 4 players with a multi-tap but I would strongly advise against it as I played this with some friends and it was a horrid experience as the controls where clunky and the game essentially is not suited to this type of fast paced gameplay.

Winback 2 has some nice presentation put in to it. The graphics are very nice and clean and there is some passable voice acting even though the people in the game don’t say much. The sound is also good with the guns sounding like they should and ambient music being their just to liven things up but also being pretty forgettable.

Overall Operation Winback 2 will not win any awards for originality or for being the most well made action game on the PS2 but it certainly is enjoyable for anyone who like to better themselves by beating their high scores in old video games. While the controls are a little suspect

Best Bit: Going though a level and getting the best rank.

Worst Bit: Having to beat some of the later levels twice because you have to beat the level with two officers which can get tedious.

Most Memorable Line: Sorry but there isn’t one, this game is pretty dry on the whole dialogue front I am afraid.


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