What have I been upto lately?

So recently I have been pretty busy so I have not updated this blog in awhile so sorry about that. On the other hand though there is a pretty good reason why I have not updated in awhile and that’s because I have just started playing Orphen: Scion of Sorcery. A game which is based of an anime TV show of the same name and man is it weird!

The game comes off as a random mish-mash of different types of game. One being a very rudimentary hack and slash style game and the other a strange turn based RPG where you mainly battle giant monsters from what I have seen so far.

The game has cut-scenes from the show (which I have never even herd of) and the game is fully voice acted with lip syncing and everything so it’s pretty clear that the developer put at least some time and money in to this project. The characters so far don’t seem to be that likeable. The main hero is basicly a wondering LOAN SHARK SCORER The other characters seem to either be hangers on or petty theirs so I am having trouble identifying with any of the characters thus far.

Other than that I am kinda enjoying the game at the moment and all the weirdness that it brings to my life. It has some pretty creative environments and seems to be well paced although I am not entirely sure what most of the spells actually do or when to use them in battle because the game does not give that much player feedback during battles. Half the time I have to guess what kind of attack the monster it trying to pull off.

Anyway I shall try to cram more of this game in this week before Friday when I pick up my new Xbox 360 Slim which is probably monopolise my free time over next weekend.


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