Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am by Creat Studios


Game Name: Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am (Yes really!)

Game Developer: Creat Studios

PAL Release: 16/11/07

Game Type: Golf/Racing/Beat-em-up

Game Description: This PS2 game is based of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force cartoon and is primary a golf game with some fighting and racing elements thrown in to keep things entertaining. It features all the voice acting and music you would expect from a official ATHF product and tries to mimic the cartoon as closely as possible.




Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am plays a lot like an old Atrai 7800 game called Ninja Golf where you have to play a round of golf but after hitting the ball you would have to try and get to where to ball landed while being attacked by various things. The only difference between this and Ninja golf is the subject matter, of that I mean that this game is based of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force cartoon and not ninjas unfortunately. I think a cross over between the two would be hilariously awesome.

I love the cartoon but even I can see that Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am is not a good golf game but it does fit in to the “so bad it’s awesome” category especially for people who like the cartoons this game was based from. For a start the gameplay gets repetitive really quickly (especially the dull button mashing combat) and the fame rate is very inconsistent and the game can also be beaten within an afternoon’s play with everything unlock from experience.

But what this game lacks in technical quality as a video game it more than makes up for it in humour which made the cartoon such a cult hit. The game does try to mimic the cartoon very closely and has all the shows voice actors doing their characters lines which is nice and the game even uses cell shading to emulate the look of the cartoon. It’s not perfect but it’s functional.

The courses suffer from repetitive texture syndrome but that is to be expected from a game made by such a small development team. Another annoying thing is that it’s really hard to see where you are hitting the ball too. There is a mini map but it’s not accurate. There are 9 Golfing levels and 3 Golf Kart levels making a grand total of 12 levels in all. Each of the golfing levels are varied enough raging from playing in the streets to the moon and beyond and all have different enemies from the cartoon show trying to attack you while you trying to get to the ball.

One thing that this game does have going for it is that there is a ton of weapons for you to use. The bad thing is that the combat in this game is literally just hitting one button. Even Dynasty Warriors (a guilty pleasure of mine!) was not that bad while Shake for Frylock spam the same voice clips which where nice to listen to at first but get annoying pretty quick. Another annoying thing is finding the 12 peices of the broodwitch and cameo videos and as you can guess there is one of each in each level so you have to deliberately wade though a ton of enemies to get to them which can be very annoying.

The reward for collecting hidden collectables though is good. The game comes with 4 full episodes that you can watch without having to touch the game itself. There is also more cameo videos to unlock and extra stuff from the Broodwitch which I won’t spoil but it’s worth it. The sound track is also very good and worth listening too.

Overall this game was a nice little detraction but I only paid £2.50 for it. Would I suggest for anyone to try this game out for themselves? Well only if you are fan and only if you find it super cheap in one of your local bargain bins. For everyone else I would not bother with this game because as a game itself it’s not very good. It’s a light hearted but a little repetitive golfing title which has some nice ideas but ultimately falls short.

Best Bit: Mainly the extra’s within the game and the great voice acting from the actual cartoon voice over cast.

Worst Bit: Some of the holes are more based around luck than actual skill. The “Fargate” course springs to mind here.

Most Memorable Line: “LEEEEEERRROOOOYYYY JJJEEEEKKKKINNNNSSSS… Is an ASSHOLE!” ~ Shake while charging in to a horde of enemies.


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