Another 8 games

Yep another day another trip to game with and a whole bunch of games to fill my backpack. Today I decided to go with games that would fill some holes in my collection. Headhunter and GTA Vice City are basicly filling up games in a series which I have the rest of the series in my collection hence my reasons for buying them. I also picked up Ghost Recon 1 & 2 for that same reason.

Burnout Revenge was interesting because I have never played it which is odd since I like the Burnout games. Mercenaries I used to own on the Xbox before I got rid of the console and all my game for it. Then I picked up Sonic Heroes (because I always wanted to try it even though I herd it’s pants!) and Sonic Unleashed because it’s a pretty new release and worth around the ten pound mark on websites like Amazon and Ebay and out of the more recent 3D sonic games apparently this one ‘ant to bad although I am sure if that actually applies to the PS2 port heh.


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