Some more games… *13/06/2010*

Another day, another trip in to town and I managed to pick up another 4 games for £10, decent ones too. 18 Wheeler is an old arcade games that I liked playing a lot down in Weymouth when I was younger. Not sure how good this port is because it from Aklaim but for £2.50 I can’t grumble. Silent Hill 4 and Burnout 2 I just had to pick up because they are both good games. Spy Fiction I have not idea about, looks nice on the box but it was either this or some shitty port of Medal of Honour.

This is a good haul of games. Wanted to pick up a few more but could not afford it really. Also I wanted the new UFC 2010 video game for the PS3 heh. More write up’s to follow shortly or at least I hope so anyway…


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