Yakuza 2 Update

OK everything is running along smoothly. Gotten a little further on Yakuza 2 and have now taken a grand total of 30 pictures of the game in action ranging from the title screen to FMV shots to just general shots of the first town. (I will try and get some of the second city.)

There are some slight issues I wish to address though. Firstly my capture card, while being very good for taking video is not so hot with pictures. Secondly Yakuza does this “blurry effect thing” every time you do a brutal finishing move so any close up action shots are going to look like what you are seeing above. And no unlike the professional reviewers I don’t have a debug menu to turn it off so you are going to have to put up with it as it is on the PS2 PAL release of the game.

With that said though most of the pictures did not turn out so bad. It’s kinda hard to fight guys and take pictures at the same time but I managed to get some good pics. Should have some more updates ready soon though so watch this space.


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