Punch Up’s, Crane Machines and Mahjong. Yep it’s first impressions of Yakuza 2 time!

So I have been checking out Yakuza 2 this week and I have to say, so far so good!

The game is based in Osaka this time from what I can tell and everything from the fighting to the presentation has taken a huge step forward.

Lately though I have been playing a lot of Mah-jong as it’s one of the main mini games in Yakuza 2 and it can also score you a lot of money. With that said I am kinda new to the game and the game does not make it easy to get in to this classic tile game which is a shame because it seems really interesting.

With all of that said though I am looking forward to seeing where this game goes next. Not seen much of the story yet so I can not say if it’s any good but what I have seen so far it’s seems good enough.

Anyway I am off to go play Yakuza 2 some more so I guess I will catch you guys later, hopefully with a more useful update this time!


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