NEW GAMES GET *19/05/10*

So yeah today I got a parcel in the mail and it was from a Norwegian mail order company who I just brought a whole bunch of cheap and more importantly, new PS2 titles which I have been looking for, for awhile now.

The thing is all of these games I wanted to pick up but either the games where not in my local stores or when I did find them online like on places like Ebay  or Amazon they where twice as expensive as the prices I got these for. Not a bad pick up, 5 factory and very decent PS2 games for £40. Beats blowing the money on anything that’s out this month on the PS3 that’s for sure heh!

The games are also pretty varied which was a deliberate thing really. I could of spent a whole lot more money but I decided not too as I did not want any financial troubles in the not to distant future. There is a couple of RPG’s, an Action game. A Dynasty Warriors game (don’t own an official game on the PS2 yet which is odd!) and a survival horror game.

I have brought no less than 15 PS2 games this month. 10 of which where cheap games from a bargin bin and 5 of which where not so cheap but have been game I have been looking forward to for some time. I can’t wait to try these games out but I must first beat Yakuza 2 which is the reason why the header of this blog has changed. I think I will change it every so often just to fit my general mood and what I have been playing most as it will add some character to this blog.


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