Some recent purchases and a rant about the minefield that is old sports games.

OK so I went in to my local GAME yesterday and I managed to locate their brand new 99p section, hence the reason why I now own all of the games that you see above this text. Believe it or not a lot of the stuff in this section was much, much better than the stuff they are currently trying to sale at 4 for £10 which is very odd.

Each of the these games I either always wanted to try out or know about from another format or that I used to own but for some unknown reason I no longer have in my possession. So I am pretty happy about these purchases.

Now I know if any of you reading this blog you have probably been in to a used video game section at some point in your life. These are normally always filled with old sports titles, most of them rubbish and not worth the money. But the problem is that I collect PS2 games remember!?

Sports titles are the least exciting proposition for me for multiple reasons really. First of all and the least important aspect to me anyway is that they don’t really hold their value very well. There is a really good reason why you might find a sports title in a 99p clearance bin and that’s probably because it’s bad and many sports games have since improved the formula and made them more realistic or fun or maybe even a little bit of both!

Now I know what you are thinking, “But Danny didn’t you just brought two wrestling games?” and yes, yes I did but there is a simple reason behind that. I enjoy them a lot more than your average sports title because they are simply fighting games in disguise. Another reason is that the PS2 era of the WWE wrestling games was the sweat spot for THQ and Yukes. Their relationship with WWE was not sour yet and most of the time there was improvements made in to the game, unlike modern day WWE titles we get now. Smackdown: HCTP (the one with the current UFC Super Heavyweight champ Brock Leisner’s ugly mug on it!) apparently it widely considered the best the best of the PS2 bunch when it comes to WWE wrestling games and Smackdown vs Raw 2006 is high up in the list normally so I can’t complain for 99p really and once more I am more likely to play and actually enjoy these games than say an football or tennis game for example.

There are exceptions to this rule, normally really odd or wacky sports games I will give a shot. For example Red Card was an old football game when I got it but it turned out to be one of the funniest “footie” games I have played in some time. This is because it tries something different from say your average “realistic” sports title like the FIFA games for example. Being able to fly kick some dude in the face with your studs while the ref is not looking is always funny when I play this game with friends and we enjoy it, that’s why I don’t mind that game in my collection.

Realisticly I don’t think I will be able to get every singe PS2 out there but I do intend to get all the games that interest me. Old realistic sports games are way, way down the interest spectrum hence the reason why I did not buy a whole bunch of them yesterday even for 99p because they simply don’t interest me!

Oh and yes these games have been added to the “my collection” screen as well as roughly 40 other games so far. I will be working on putting more games in that section today!

~ Danny


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