NEW GAMES GET!! *13/05/10*

Managed to pick these games up in a store called GAME here in the UK for £10 for all 4 games which is a bit of a bargain. Might head back down there tomorrow to try and grab some more goodies. They still have a few decent games down there so who knows what I might pick up?

Anyway I must point out that I already own DBZ:BT3 but I wanted the prequel to unlock stuff which can only be obtained by letting the PS2 scan the disc for DBZ:BT2 in an option menu in DBZ:BT3. With that said I picked it for for essentially £2.50 which is acceptable in my opinion.

Judge Dredd vs Death I was not entirely sure if I already owned, turns out that I don’t which is good although there is one slight problem, NOW I DO OWN Judge Dredd vs Death, DOH! Oh well at least it boosts my PS2 collection by one I suppose.

Premier Manager 2009 I am not massively arsed about either. it’s a fairly new game so whatever. I used to like the old Premier Managers before they started giving them yearly updates, they have turned a bit shit now and I don’t think this is an exception but I could be proven wrong.

Midway Treasures I used to own on the Xbox which is the reason why I did not buy it for the PS2. I no longer own a Xbox so picking up the best Midway collection of the bunch with all my favourite Midway games on it for £2.50 is not a bad thing.

Anyway that’s it for now. I have had a long day at work and I intend to unwind by blowing up some large beasts in Lost Planet 2 which I got a couple of days ago. Laters!

~ Danny


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